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One of the greatest forms of entertainment for children of all ages is the Circus. Nearly every year the Great Circus Parade is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you will find film legend, Circus fan, and Shriner, Ernest Borgnine there also. 
With regard to the Circus... the Masonic Lodge in Baraboo, Wisconsin is also the home Lodge of the some of the most famous names in the history of the Circus. Masons like all seven of the Ringling Brothers, Alfred, John, Albert, Charles, William 'Otto', Henry, August Jr., and their father, August Sr. I also want to include the man who donated the first Circus to the Circus World Museum, Wilbur W. Deppe. Other members of the Barboo Masonic Lodge include world renowned Baboon trainer, Lee Stevens; and Band Leader Extraordinare, Richard Percy. As well as High Wire legends, Enrico Wallenda, of the Flying Wallendas, and Roberto Rodriguez of the Rodriguez Brothers. As well as the father and son team of Tony Smaha Sr. and Tony Smaha Jr., who were considered to be some of the finest horse trainers ever connected with the Circus.
Of course, not all of the legendary names in the Circus came from Baraboo, we all remember Charles Stratton, better known as General Tom Thumb, Buffalo Bill Cody of the Wild West Show, as well as one of Europe's favorite clowns Karl Wettach, better known as Grock the Clown. 
When you think of the ultimate escape artist, Harry Houdini is the man by which all others are measured, as well as some of Americas favorite magicians, Howard Thurston, Alexander Herman and Harry Kellar.

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